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Defending Against DWI And Traffic Violation Charges

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges or citations for traffic violations can and do happen to anyone. However, just because these offenses are somewhat commonplace does not mean that they should be taken any less seriously than other criminal charges. A DWI charge can result in an almost immediate suspension of your driver’s license. Traffic violations can add up quickly, both in terms of fines and points on your driving record. Accumulating too many points can lead to the loss of driving privileges. You can help protect your driver’s license with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

I am attorney Jeffrey Everhart, and I have more than 38 years of experience defending people throughout the Richmond area against criminal charges. If you have been charged with drunk driving or have received a citation for speeding, call me at 804-212-1363 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Building A Defense Against DWI Charges

In Virginia, the legal limit for driving is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08, meaning if your BAC is measured at .08 or higher, you will be charged with DWI. Driving while under the influence of drugs, including legally prescribed drugs, is also prohibited and may result in DWI charges. These charges are serious. In addition to fines and the possibility of jail time, your license will be automatically suspended for seven days if you are arrested for suspicion of DWI, and will be suspended for one year upon conviction. If you refuse a breath or blood alcohol test, you may also face license suspension due to our state’s implied consent laws.

Do not assume that just because your BAC was over the legal limit that you will be found guilty. I know how to build an effective defense against DWI charges. I will examine whether your constitutional rights were violated, whether your BAC was properly measured and whether the police even had probable cause to make a traffic stop in the first place. If I cannot get your charges dismissed, I will do everything I can to have them reduced so that you can continue to get to work and use your vehicle for other essential life activities.

Challenging Traffic Citations

For many people, being stopped for speeding is a mildly embarrassing situation that is shrugged off by paying a fine. However, many people have been shocked to find out that what they may have thought was a simple traffic citation is actually considered a criminal offense in Virginia.

Virginia considers traveling 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or traveling over 80 miles per hour anywhere to be reckless driving. While this may seem reasonable where the posted speed limit is 25 mph, it can be easy to be charged with reckless driving for traveling 80 mph on I-95 or I-64, where the posted speed limit may be as high as 70 mph.

Reckless driving is considered to be a class one misdemeanor, which carries serious potential consequences, especially for commercial vehicle drivers, who can find themselves banned from military bases for having a criminal record. The good news is these charges can be challenged, and your presence in court may not even be necessary. This is especially helpful for people who are visiting or were otherwise just driving through Virginia. I can help you explore your options and let you know what to expect when defending against these charges.

Contact Me If You Are Facing Traffic-Related Criminal Charges

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